Brain Differences As Explained By Marriage Expert Mark Gungor – Hysterical!

In this very funny video, Marriage Expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and women… share this with your significant other and don’t forget to leave me a comment to let me know what you thought of it!

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3 thoughts on “Brain Differences As Explained By Marriage Expert Mark Gungor – Hysterical!

  1. FUN! I am surprised he did not mention women’s ability to find anything and everything better then a man. Although, I suspect this has less to do with brain differences and more to do with a woman’s “Uterin Tracking Device”!

    Kalli Holmes Sorensen
    Visual Images
    Wardrobe and Interior Stylist

  2. GREAT video! I especially like the explanation of the man’s “nothing box.” Thanks for sharing! I definitely want to share this with the men and women in my Infertility Support Group. It will be a great tool to help couples think of new ways to connect and communicate.

    On a personal note, my husband will love this video because he claims that at the very moment he sits down to “do nothing,” I always ask him to do a chore. It’s not intentional on my part, but I think he’s right about that one. I must have special radar! lolol

    Lesley Vance, speaker and author
    Infertility Journeys: Finding Your Happy Ending

  3. Ever wonder how big his “nothing”box is? Does it take up more than the “sex”box?
    Just some interesting thoughts to ponder….Lighting the Way – Dr. Diana

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