Can water really be intelligent? The answer is YES!

Recently I had a GIA Wellness booth at the Callaway Golf Health Fair and received lots of questions about i-H20?  Does the “i” really stand for intelligent?  Well, actually it does…here’s why.

The unique quality of i-H20 is that it is in a single file, also known as single file alignment (SFA).

Single File Alignment (SFA) Technology unlocks the secret to unparalleled hydration inside and out!
Single File Alignment (SFA) Technology unlocks the secret to unparalleled hydration inside and out!

This is important because the small channels that allow rapid entry of water are only one water molecule in diameter. These are also known as aquaporins.  Dr. Peter Agre was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery in 2003.

Most of the water we drink is in clusters, or micro-clusters, so it can’t get into the cell.  By using the i-H20 water activation system, in 30 minutes, clean chaotic water can be transformed into a single file yielding ultimate hydrating i-H20.

Many of you have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his studies with water. Well, Dr. Emoto actually did a study with polluted water (tap water) vs. filtered water activated with i-H20 technology.

Check out the pics!  MRET-powered water is now known as “i-H20”.


Dr. Emoto is holding a picture of clean, filtered water which was then activated with the i-H20 (MRET) system.



Pretty amazing right?

For more information on how to get an i-H20 Water Activation System visit:


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P.S. You’re invited to a special presentation re. i-H20 and MRET technology on:

Thursday, September 22 at 5:30 pm at my office – please RSVP to 760-635-5600.


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