Happy Holidays from Mom…and Updates!!

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Happy Holidays to all! 

Here’s a pic of Mom sending you her best for a safe, happy and healthy Holiday Season!

And who can’t wait for the NEW Year -2021- to start?  But we still have a few days in this year to go and wanted to bring you up to date on some important things!

First, Mom is hanging in there- although some days are tougher than others!  She’s eating well and saying a few words, but tending to sleep more and be less interactive.  Regardless, she still gets her nails done weekly, wears her pearls and fancy scarfs and spends time with me and my friend, Kimberly, who also treats her to relaxing neck and shoulder massages!

Second, I’ve been trying to stay in shape – both mentally and physically- with hiking up Double Peak and Torrey Pines.  Amazing views from both sites as well as great heartrate accelerators!  We are truly blessed to live in Southern California with its incredible climate which allows us to enjoy such pristine nature and beauty.

Thirdly, I want to share a recent blog post which I posted on my amazingover40.com site.  It has a self-guide which we need it – for ourselves and others!  I write a blog weekly here and that is part of the reason I have been less active on this site.  As we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day — and we still need to sleep!

Lastly, a special holiday gift set designed especially for you!  It has all natural, soothing oils for your face and skin to stay supple and shiny this holiday season – plus a copy of my book!  Treat one for yourself as well as a friend!

Here’s the link to buy holiday gift set:

PURE LOVE Gift Set with free book!


Heath and Happiness,

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