OMG – Did you see this?

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about the potential harmful effects of cell phones and electromagnetic radiation ( EMR).  Well here’s a recently featured documentary, ” The Truth About Cancer” that specifically addresses this issue and what you can do about it!

Watch this video below!

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2 thoughts on “OMG – Did you see this?

  1. Hi Dr. Hoppe,

    I have heard a lot about it!! My father had skin cancer all around his right ear. The same ear as he held his cell phone to. It makes you wonder.

    Do you know you should never watch your food cook in the microwave? Causes cataracts, seriously! From the Geek:

    From the doctors:

    I say scary!!! I use a Blue Tooth, not sure that helps or not but I am on the phone all day just about.

    See you the 18th!


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